Kinnari & Anuj

This beautiful three day event was so full of color and joy. We were excited to be providing both video and photo services for the event and the results are stunning! Our congratulations go out to Kinnari and Anuj on an amazing wedding celebration and and an even more wonderful married life together.


Thursday evening: The Mehndi

Mehndi is a ceremonial art form which originated in India. The ceremony at which the bride gets mehndi (intricate henna designs) put on her hands and feet occurs a few days before the wedding. Often, within the mendhi pattern is hidden the name of the groom. Along with the bride. Other female members of the household also get mendhi on their hands and feet. Its a festive occasion that usually starts off the wedding celebrations.

KapoorWedding_002 KapoorWedding_015 KapoorWedding_030 KapoorWedding_033 KapoorWedding_042 KapoorWedding_044 KapoorWedding_063 KapoorWedding_077 KapoorWedding_079 KapoorWedding_092 KapoorWedding_097 KapoorWedding_098 KapoorWedding_099 KapoorWedding_109 KapoorWedding_114 KapoorWedding_119 KapoorWedding_121 KapoorWedding_133

Friday Morning : Anuj’s Graha Shanti

The graha shanti is the ritual that occurs the day before the wedding. This ritual is performed to ensure that all of the planets are properly aligned. If a  planet is misaligned in one’s horoscope, it can be a sign of bad things happening at the wedding.

KapoorWedding_163 KapoorWedding_175 KapoorWedding_176 KapoorWedding_184 KapoorWedding_188 KapoorWedding_191 KapoorWedding_196 KapoorWedding_199 KapoorWedding_203 KapoorWedding_204 KapoorWedding_207 KapoorWedding_208 KapoorWedding_223


Friday Night : the Sangeet

The Sangeet is a ceremony of song and dance and for the two sides of the family to come together and celebrate. Family members will sing, dance, or put on small plays to entertain the bride and groom as well as guests. There is no real religious significance to the Sangeet. It is simply a time for families to get to know one another and have a great time.

KapoorWedding_234 KapoorWedding_249 KapoorWedding_252 KapoorWedding_259 KapoorWedding_267 KapoorWedding_303 KapoorWedding_308 KapoorWedding_319 KapoorWedding_333 KapoorWedding_340 KapoorWedding_342 KapoorWedding_344


Saturday : The Wedding Ceremony

On saturday the bride and groom complete the marriage ceremony. The groom rides in on a white horse and his family dances around him in celebration of the event. The wedding ceremony itself will differ widely depending on the regional and cultural background of the couple, but some elements are constant. The bride is given a necklace by the groom which symbolizes love and marriage, as well as showing the community she is a married woman. The couple will also tie garments together and walk around a sacred fire. This symbolizes their journey through life together.

KapoorWedding_368 KapoorWedding_392 KapoorWedding_393 KapoorWedding_397 KapoorWedding_398 KapoorWedding_440 KapoorWedding_442 KapoorWedding_454 KapoorWedding_475 KapoorWedding_492 KapoorWedding_496 KapoorWedding_497 KapoorWedding_502 KapoorWedding_507 KapoorWedding_520 KapoorWedding_521 KapoorWedding_529 KapoorWedding_550 KapoorWedding_551 KapoorWedding_555 KapoorWedding_557 KapoorWedding_599 KapoorWedding_603 KapoorWedding_608 KapoorWedding_613 KapoorWedding_631 KapoorWedding_632 KapoorWedding_642 KapoorWedding_660 KapoorWedding_661 KapoorWedding_665 KapoorWedding_683 KapoorWedding_689 KapoorWedding_692 KapoorWedding_693 KapoorWedding_694 KapoorWedding_719 KapoorWedding_721


Saturday Night : The Reception

With speeches, dancing, and cake there isn’t a lot of difference between an Indian wedding reception and most others you might have attended. Kinnari and Anuj decked the room out in gold and purple and touching speeches were delivered by family and friends alike.

KapoorWedding_722 KapoorWedding_752 KapoorWedding_755 KapoorWedding_770 KapoorWedding_772 KapoorWedding_781 KapoorWedding_793 KapoorWedding_799 KapoorWedding_813 KapoorWedding_833 KapoorWedding_894 KapoorWedding_897 KapoorWedding_898 KapoorWedding_905 KapoorWedding_912 KapoorWedding_920 KapoorWedding_946 KapoorWedding_956 KapoorWedding_959 KapoorWedding_960 KapoorWedding_963


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