Arvell & Company

Arvell is a singer, percussionist, recording artist and entertainer. He has been involved in the music industry for over 30 + years and has had the privilege of working with many talented artists, both musicians and singers. This has enabled him to fine-tune his craft of musical entertainment to a very high caliber. He has opened for B. B. King, Fabian, Gladys Knight, Redd Foxx, The Bacon Brothers, The Marshall Tucker Band, The O. J.’s, Whitman Mayo, Phyllis Diller, Bobby Rydel, Kool & the Gang, Della Reese, Frankie Avalon, Sheena Easton, Lou Rawls, Slappy White and others. He has become the requested performer of choice for Anheuser Busch, Boeing/McDonald Douglas, St. Louis Cardinals, St. Louis Zoo and many others.

Arvell & Company is set up to provide you with a selection of band options that will work just right for you, ranging from a 4 piece band up to a 9 piece orchestra with a 6 piece band fitting right in the middle. With the 4-piece band you will get Arvell’s performance talent, plus a keyboard, guitar, bass and drums. The 6 piece offers you the same but with an addition of a female singer and saxophone. The nine piece band offers you the ultimate range of all of the previous plus a trumpet, trombone and percussionist.

As you can see the wide range of musical variety that Arvell & Company offers is outstanding, from the revival of the Big Band sound, to that hot Latino beat, if you name it, Arvell & Company can provide it.