The Charles Glenn Group

Charles Glenn is an entertainer who draws upon his vast wealth of knowledge and training to create unforgettable musical experiences for his audiences.

The son of an accomplished opera singer, Charles received early training in voice and percussion. Charles has utilized both his strong vocal and percussion talents as the opening act for such national groups as Smokey Robinson, Huey Lewis and the News, and the Allman Brothers, as well as for countless regional and local acts. Charles was recently selected to perform with the Grammy-award winning group “The 5th Dimension”.

A performer who truly enjoys his craft and bringing joy to his audience. Whether its Jazz, R&B, Latin, Pop, or Adult Contemporary, Charles Glenn does it all, and does it well. The immense talent and spontaneity that Charles brings to the stage keeps his avid fans coming back. Each performance is one-of-a- kind. When crafting his unique renditions of familiar music, Charles creates performances that become distinctly his own. Charles’ wide spectrum of musical styles appeals to any genre.