The X Band

The X Band is the perfect fit for any occasion. Being led by both male and female vocals, the group covers every genre of music. With The X Band, the client has the ability to customize the size of the band anywhere from 6 to 12 members. The band keeps the dance floor packed all night long and will make sure the event runs smoothly from cocktails all the way until the very last song. Make The X Band part of your event today! With their professionalism and high energy show, The X Band will be sure to leave with the guests wanting more.

After many stages and changing of names, The X Band was formed in 2005 by Roger Morse.  Roger had a vision that the band would be a powerful 11 piece band with horns so no piece of  a song was missing.  He realized clients wanted their favorite party music delivered by multiple vocalists with a strong rhythm section and full horn section.  The idea was to take weddings and corporate events to the next level with live entertainment.  With that concept he never wanted the musicians to forget what a great time they could have making music but still putting on a great show.  For the past 5 years, The X has been getting more and more recognition as one of the hottest wedding and corporate bands in St. Louis and throughout the Midwest. In July of 2010, Roger passed away. A great human being, Roger is missed daily by The X and the band continues to move forward with the same vision of providing next level live entertainment that he left them with.

The X Band offers a variety of packages to meet your needs. A jazz trio or solo piano for cocktail and dinner music, and dance band sizes from 7 to 11 members. To provide music quality and variety, the band will always features both male & female vocals. Book The X Band today to make your event the one YOU want it to be!