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Meet Our DJ’s

Shawn T

“Being a part of someone’s most special day is an honor, and not taken lightly. I love being the “go-to” guy in any situation, while finding a connection with the guests, to turn the smallest and biggest dance floors into ‘the’ party zone! Whether the event is small and intimate, or large and extravagant, I go into it with the same attitude …”Give my all.” I hope I can bring something unique to every event, and make it the celebration that friends and family will talk about for years to come!”

Alex O

“When I’m at an event it’s my goal to make sure I’ve surpassed all the expectations of the customer, as well as the crowd. Timing, organization, song selection, and enthusiasm are all key aspects in facilitating that goal. Spinning vinyl is still a passion for me there is nothing like it and it will never be replaced…”

Brian L

“Being a part of someone’s wedding day is both a privilege and an honor. It’s the day many people dream about since they are young and there is no feeling like the feeling I get when I get to be a part of that day. I take great pride in being able to have such an important role in people’s lives and I give everything 110% effort to ensure everyone has a memorable night that they will never forget.”

Will C

My favorite thing while hosting events is ensuring everyone is having fun throughout the celebration. With my passion for DJing it is my goal to solidify the celebration with lasting memories through music. It is a privilege to be included in your special day, and I will put in every effort to make sure everything goes smoothly!

Patrick D

“Knowing that you have invited Millennium and myself into one of the most important nights of your life is an honor and privilege. I will treat your special event as if it were my own!”

Jay M

“While hosting a wedding, I love the idea of turning a few hours of celebrating into a lifetime of memories and laughter. As a Millennium host, I meet with every client before the event to plan the day from beginning to end. Because of my strong attention to detail and passion for mixing music, I promise each event and every day will be a day that everyone remembers!”

Matt F

“Watching the bride and groom enjoy their most-important night completely stress-free is my pleasure and honor to facilitate. My ongoing goal is to create an atmosphere where lifelong memories are created without getting in the way. Careful attention to the wedding party’s needs and the crowd’s vibe goes a long way in achieving that goal.”

Joseph P

“I can’t express what an absolute honor and privilege it is to host on behalf of the most important day of two very special peoples’ lives!  As a musician and audio engineer, I’m grateful for the opportunity to pursue my passions and apply them to provide one of the most memorable moments of two people celebrating their lives together.  I feel blessed to have the abilities to not only allow a couples’ big day to be everything they envisioned, but to be a part of it as well!”

Pat H

“Music is an everyday part of life for me. It’s on in the car, at work and while I’m at home. I see it as my job to make sure that your special day is set to the perfect music that you and your guests will always fondly remember.”

Nick S

“I love to learn about and share music. Working as a DJ is the perfect place to do both. When you know you’ve helped make someone’s special day better than they expected, that is the best feeling.”

David B

“There are many things to celebrate in life, and on your special day I want everything to be perfect! I am here to make your day as amazing and smooth as possible. And music is the key to getting the party going and keeping it going all night! As your host, I assure you that everything from the introductions to the last dance will be as perfect as you have imagined.”

Joe P

“I have been performing at wedding ceremonies and receptions for the last ten years and it is a huge honor and privilege to be invited to participate in someone’s special day. And I do not take it lightly! I take a lot of pride in making sure everything goes smoothly and everybody has a good time. My favorite moment is when I see a full dance floor and everybody having a blast!”

Scott A

“It is a privilege to be a part of your wedding day and I will treat it like it is my own. I take pride in making sure you enjoy the event worry-free. That being said, I will do everything possible to make sure the day flows as perfectly as possible and leads to happy and unforgettable moments.”

Brad B

“My main concern has always been to make sure the people are completely satisfied with my performance. And I’ve always had a love for music, and I like to share that love with people. I really enjoy sitting down and meeting each customer, be it a bride, groom, corporate party-organizer, proud parent, etc., and finding out about them and their dreams for their special night. Fulfilling someone’s dream of the perfect evening is the best feeling in the world!”

Rich W

“I grew up in a household filled with instruments and an extensive library of music thanks to my father, who is a musician and a performer, now for over 50 years. I performed my first live musical act at the age of 12 and never lost the love for having a performance that is enjoyed by all. This upbringing instilled a love for music of all genres and a tenacious respect for its art. I began my professional career in the wedding industry in NYC and Long Island, and now I am delighted to be here in St. Louis to customize your special day to exactly what you would like. I am honored to bring the joy of music, and ease of mind to couples on their wedding day!”

Andrew J

Alex O’Neill